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The Tribal Knot

Natural Handwoven

Wool Rugs





In antiquity the Illyrian tribes inhabited the Balkan region, in what is now modern day Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. These tribes had a long history of making beautiful rugs by hand using the wool from nomadic shepherds, who roamed the mountain sides.  To this day the tribal patterns and vibrant colors of these rugs are a staple of mediterranean culture and interior design, but largely unknown in the United States.


In keeping with that tradition, all of our rugs are hand woven on old-fashioned looms using the same process that has been practiced for thousands of years.  One full sized rug takes approximately two months to complete.  Each rug is handmade in Albania with locally sourced natural wool and has rich, vibrant colors and classic tribal designs. 


The Tribal Knot is a small business, based in Brooklyn N.Y.  Our mission is to bring authentic, high quality tribal rugs through sustainable and fair trade practices to a new generation of people around the world.


Contact us for more info or in-person showings in the New York City region. 

All Natural Wool


 Cruelty Free